The Collective


The Collective


Erin Austin

Producing Playwright

Erin Austin is a Chicago-based theatre artist who writes a bunch of plays, screenplays, and musicals. As a producer, she loves to make the impossible theatrically possibly. Erin is pro-spectacle, pro-humor, and pro-indie-theatre.


Jenni Lamb

Producing Playwright

Jenni Lamb is a Chicago-based playwright and a former actress and improviser. Her plays have had readings or productions with The Gift Theatre, American Theatre Company, Stage Left Theatre, Wordsmyth Theatre (Houston), Route 66, and Chicago Dramatists. Jenni holds an MFA from Northwestern University and is part of the 2015-2016 Goodman Playwrights Unit. She likes all the people in Living Room Playmakers, a lot.


Jessy Lauren Smith

Producing Playwright

Jessy Lauren Smith is a Chicago-based writer, educator, producer, and claymation enthusiast whose plays have been produced in Chicago, Boston, Colorado, and Texas. She has been an artist in residence at Ragdale and Blast Theory, and a finalist for a whole mess of things. She holds an MFA from Northwestern, in the palm of her hand, for an hour each day.


Jonathan Baude

Producing Playwright

Jonathan Baude is a Chicago-based, St. Louis-educated, and Indiana-born writer. A Hotchner Award winner and Heideman Award finalist, he’s had work performed at Drekfest, Chicago Fringe, Chicago Dramatists, and the Citizens Play Festival. His writing has also appeared at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and The A.V. Club. You can find him on Twitter at @jbaude, where he apologetically tweets elaborate puns.


Kasey Waas

Associate Producer

Originally from Houston, Texas, Kasey relocated to Chicago to pursue graduate studies in art history at the University of Illinois, focusing on contemporary sound installation works. She has worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago as well as the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Contemporary Art Gallery. Kasey was a sound designer for Artifacts and a producer for On DisplayRefinished, and Artifacts. Kasey would like to think she is good at crafting, but really she’s just perfected buying craft supplies so far.