Last Call


Six short plays! Cheap drinks! Post-show dance party!

Every weekend in a bar somewhere in Lakeview, someone gets their heart broken, divulges secrets, hosts a bittersweet reunion, or regrets the hell out of their choices in life.

Last Call played to two nights of sold-out crowds in a historic loft in Lakeview on May 17 + 18, 2013.

Written by Erin Austin, Chad Eschman, Jenni Lamb, Jennifer Rumberger, Jessy Lauren Smith, and Tony Werner

Directed by Jess McLeod

Featuring Johnny Arena, Dan Behrendt, Caitlin Costello, Tiffany Yvonne Cox, Ian Paul Custer, Chad Eschman, Matt Farabee, Kate Healy, Nick Horst, Erin Penelope Long, Marika Mashburn, Lauren Paris, Jessica Ridenour, and John Taflan